Sunday, February 10, 2013

Contributions to Latin non-profit arts groups grow in Miami despite the bad economy (III)

At the height of the recession, from 2008-2009, the only one of these groups whose contributions actually shrunk was Teatro Avante. Founded in 1979 by actor and director Mario Ernesto Sánchez, Avante is widely known for bringing every year theater companies from all over the Spanish-speaking world to Miami, as a part of its International Hispanic Theater Festival. Grants and contributions to Teatro Avante in 2008 were $412,766. The next year, Avante’s contributions shrunk to $353,376, or about 14% less than the previous year. Later filings by Teatro Avante and Hispanic Theater Guild as well as the other groups were not available at the moment this article was being written. 990 form for Hispanic Theater Guild: (Continues in next post)

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