Monday, February 11, 2013

Contributions to Latin non-profit arts groups grow in Miami despite bad economy (Final)

No 990 filings were available for Teatro Havanafama, a local Hispanic performing arts group registered in Miami in 2005 as an out-of-state organization, according to Florida corporate records. The last data available for Havanafama in the Guidestar site dates back to 2001 and lists zero assets and zero income.

Teatro en Miami seems to have been the group with the lowest contributions –$13,575 for the year 2011– while the one with the highest was Miami Hispanic Ballet, with $860,500 for the same year. The latter group, headed by choreographer Pedro Pablo Peña, has been organizing the International Ballet Festival, an annual event, for at least 17 years.

990 forms for Teatro en Miami:

Teatro en Miami by Manuel Ballagas

Teatro en Miami 2 by Manuel Ballagas

For these companies’ full financial data, take a look at the documents shown with this article.

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